Greeting Card Book Construction

One of the fun parts of book binding is creating useful and meaningful books. Greeting card books fall into that category. Cards are permanently bound into a hard bound book to create a lasting keepsake. In this case Michael contacted me to create a wedding gift for his fiance, Jessica, which he can give to... Continue Reading →

Branding Your Business Does NOT Start With A Logo

It starts with identifying your values—what does your company stand for? What do you want to be known for? And how do you communicate that your customers? Everyone wants to be thought of as ethical, and professional, with a quality product. But how do you communicate more intangible benefits to your customer? Excitement? Sophistication? People... Continue Reading →

When you just need a card…

A few months ago I wrote about the importance of having a memorable business card and marketing materials. If you are a small business owner, sole proprietor, micro business, or someone who occasionally just needs to leave contact info with people you need a card that is not like everything else out there. An outstanding... Continue Reading →

  So I'm just finishing up a project for a small start-up here in Oregon. Aaron Naden, the owner of Bearded Oregon, makes and sells beard oil. He has successfully engaged social media with a monthly online beard contest. It has been very popular and gained him an impressive Instagram following. Check out the entire... Continue Reading →

Creating a branded look for the Chemeketa Community College's new Threat Management Resources program in order to assist with marketing efforts.   Threat Management Resources is dedicated to the prevention of, reaction to, and recovery from targeted violence. They are committed to promoting best practices on threat management for communities. Chemeketa’s Threat Management Resources program... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on branding your business I have attended several networking events in the past few months and had a couple of experiences which seem appropriate to share with small, local businesses and entrepreneurs who are trying to find success in a sometimes crowded field. The first event was one where a lot of business... Continue Reading →

Themed Journals

I put this fun Harry Potter Journal together for my six-year-old grandson. It was such a huge hit that now I'm making two more for gifts for adults that were at the party! If you are interested in a themed journal for gift giving let me know. Now is the time to order for Christmas. Contact me... Continue Reading →

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