When you just need a card…

writer-bc3-hi-resA few months ago I wrote about the importance of having a memorable business card and marketing materials.

If you are a small business owner, sole proprietor, micro business, or someone who occasionally just needs to leave contact info with people you need a card that is not like everything else out there.

An outstanding card will make you memorable. Person to person contact, talking, making eye contact—is what leads to relationships, which is one of your most powerful tools as a business owner.

Let me help you with something original—something which lets people know what you do and that you are serious about it.


“I had a logo and business card designed by LouJean. She took the ideas I had in my head and made them a better version in reality in less than a week. Having these has helped me look more professional and acquire new clients for my small business.
My husband loved them so much he had her create his personal business card and a logo for his podcast.
We will definitely be doing business with LouJean again.”

—Alexis Kurth

sofi soft toys





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