The Bearded Oregon Calendar!


So I’m just finishing up a project for a small start-up here in Oregon. Aaron Naden, the owner of Bearded Oregon, makes and sells beard oil. He has successfully engaged social media with a monthly online beard contest. It has been very popular and gained him an impressive Instagram following.

Check out the entire 2017 Bearded Oregon Calendar to see all of 2016 monthly winners!

From a design standpoint this has been an interesting project. Imagine all the bearded millennials being asked for photos with high enough resolution for print. Some of them have never had a photo taken that wasn’t with a cell phone. Aaron with Bearded Oregon has been great, but some of the monthly winners have panic attacks just trying to email a photo to him—let alone being told that the one they want to use won’t work.

So here is how I dealt with some of the issues:
1) Out of focus pic of a guy with a cigar in a haze of smoke: Photoshop filters and go with it.
2) Lots of cell phone photos: Collage a couple of smaller pics instead of using one big one.
3) Instagram filters. Ugh! Photoshop the background to match.

I think everybody is going to be happy here except maybe the guy with a lamp coming outta his head: He’s just gonna have to live with that.

Update: I Photoshoped the lamp out. Not sure it was worth the time–it’s not a great pic to start with, but it’s all we were going to get.

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