Graphic Design Portfolio

Bearded Oregon Calendar

4-color digital press, 8.75″x11.5″ folded, stitched, and drilled, mostly amateur photos with stock images for backgrounds, PhotoShop, imposed in InDesign

Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop

Logo design Salem Oregon

CoAct Construction Advisors brochure

8.5″x11″ tri-fold, 4-color digital press, logo design (Illustrator), stock images converted to monotone color (PhotoShop), layout (InDesign)

Obsidian Bodyworks
Branding Style Guide

PDF, logo design, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, stock images

ABC Ride
Activity to Benefit Children
promotional poster

11″x17″ 4-color offset press, hand-trimmed top edge of tire, Adobe Illustrator

Habitat for Humanity brochure

4-color 8.5″x11″ tri-fold designed in InDesign to PDF to enable the user to change numbers as necessary and print to an office copier, all images are amateur photos

advertising materials

5″x8″ 4-color postcard featuring a large amount of information typeset in a small space on the reverse, and newspaper ad from the Oregonian, B/W web-press

Hot Off The Press magazine ad

4-color web-press, layout in Illustrator, professional company photos

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