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Beginning March 1, 2023 I will not be taking any new bookbinding or book repair projects. If you have discussed a project with me in the last few weeks I will stay in touch regarding my schedule.

Book Repair and Restoration in Salem, Oregon Salem, Oregon

This cemetery ledger from Christ Church Winnetka in Illinois was literally falling apart. I was able to restore the ledger to a usable condition which will allow access to vital records for years to come.

These pictures, amazing as they are, can’t truly show the incredible work and loving care you put into this project. Thank you LouJean, and please use us as a reference. I will happily share our experience with anyone who will listen.”

—John White, Christ Church Winnetka


  • There is a $75 minimum charge for any book repair and restoration. As a general rule I charge $60 per hour and bill in half-hour increments for repair work.
  • I cannot give you a cost estimate by email or phone—I must be able to examine the book in person. If you are in the Salem Oregon area I am happy to meet with you to take a look at your book. You can also mail your book to me for evaluation. Please contact me for instructions on doing this.
  • A couple of notes about bibles:
    • I can usually recover your worn study bible—leather or imitation leather—but I do not have the equipment for hot foil type. So: no gold lettering or names. Sorry.
    • The cost of repairing your study Bible will almost always be more than the cost to purchase a new one.
    • I often have inquiries from folks who have stumbled upon an old Bible—usually in poor condition—and want to know how much it will cost to “fix” it. They often assume they will be able to recoup whatever they spent to acquire said Bible, and pay me for restoration, by selling it. The truth is that most old books are not worth much—old Bibles included—unless there is something noteworthy about them. I love old books and enjoy bringing them back to life. If you have a book with sentimental value it’s worth discussing what can be done to preserve it. But don’t count on retiring by selling that old book you just bought at a garage sale.


Handbound Books, Journals, and Artist Booksin Salem Oregon

I specialize in small runs and unique items, including book design and layout for handbound books and journals, hand painted baby books, and distinctive one-of-a-kind wedding guest books, etc.

You’ll find more on turning your writing into a handbound book in this post. And here.

endpapers flyleaf

A Hurricane From Heaven is a journal that was typeset and turned into handbound books.

Salem Oregon

Themed Journals

Special Binding

Artists’ Books

Bookbinding Salem Oregon

Keepsake Journals

Hand-painted Baby Books

Need bookbinding? in Salem, Oregon?

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