Greeting Card Book Construction

One of the fun parts of book binding is creating useful and meaningful books. Greeting card books fall into that category. Cards are permanently bound into a hard bound book to create a lasting keepsake.

In this case Michael contacted me to create a wedding gift for his fiance, Jessica, which he can give to her on their wedding day. The book will include all the cards they have given each other over the past four years. So fun! #RomanticGift  #SoMuchGlitter

Getting ready to sew the cards together
The “text block” is all ready

Yes. I admit to being curious and reading the cards. But I also feel like I know this couple now and can create a book which is an expression of their love for each other—which makes it an even more meaningful gift. After discussing what Michael wanted, and what Jessica’s likes are, I sent him to these websites to choose paper for the cover.  and

Starting to pull together some ephemera

He chose this beautiful Italian Lace paper. When it arrived I fell in love with it! So excited to use it for this beautiful gift.

Because there is a lot of red in the cards I thought red might be a good choice for an accent color on the cover, but Michael didn’t want it to seem like a Valentine’s Day card, so I tried blue. You know, as in “something borrowed…”  #SomethingBlue



And he loved it!

Finished Card Book
Finished Card Book


If he continues to give such thoughtful and meaningful gifts I’m sure there is a #HappilyEverAfter for these two!

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