The Honor of Turning a Diary Into a Real Book

Once again, I have been entrusted with a family’s precious memories, and have had the privilege of turning those memories into hand bound books. It is such an honor to be trusted with the most intimate details of a persons life. The authors of this diary are a father and mother who have kept a hand written record of their daughter since she was a young child.

It all starts with the typesetting!


Once it’s printed, folded, sewn, and cut, the the flyleaf is glued in, and a hand sewn headband is added. I’m in love with this beautiful marbled paper! (And a quick thank you to The Bookbinders Chronicle for the great tip with the binder clip.)


The cover is assembled and then attached and finishing touches are added. Heavily textured purple paper presented some challenges—oops!—but I think the finished product speaks for itself!


And a beautiful finished book is ready to be given by loving parents to an amazing daughter. What an extraordinary process to be allowed to be a part of. I am honored.hand bound journals finished


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